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Immuni Cobrati

the new album from i2c, releasing now on bandcamp and soundcloud


Hailing from Nelson, BC, immune2cobras are a duo whose sound is often mistaken for that of a four-piece band. Songwriting is paramount, with rich vocals and huge guitar tones supported by strong, thoughtful drumming.


Vocals and guitar - Karl Nygren

Drums - Robin Sittig



Tour dates

March 28/2019 - Flying Steamshovel, Rossland BC. With High Kicks

April 17/2019 - The Royal, Nelson BC. With Under the Mountain and The Pit

News & Updates

Immuni Cobrati is releasing currently on Bandcamp and Soundcloud. Three songs out now, more to follow. Keep an eye out for new videos from i2c!

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Use Your Immunity - The Vaccination

by immune2cobras